The rise and rise of Fairfax & Favor

Unless you’ve been living the hermit life in recent years, you can hardly fail to have noticed the rise and rise of Fairfax & Favor. Increasingly the ‘go-to’ footwear and accessories brand for such varied occasions as a night at the local pub, Cheltenham Festival or even the trot-up at Burghley, Fairfax & Favor have built a substantial following of devotees (The Finer Horse included!) who wouldn’t be without their trusty footwear and accessories. The only issue seems to be reconciling the lust for a new pair of boots or that new bag design with one’s bank balance…

How it all began

Established in 2013 by childhood friends Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker, the brand has come a long way since the very last of the boys’ savings was spent on a consignment of ladies’ boots from Spain. Unable to find a local Norfolk shop willing to risk stocking an unknown brand, Marcus and Felix’s first sale of a Fairfax & Favor product was via an eleventh–hour spot at their local Holkham Country Fair. With a rate of subsequent success that surprised many, not least the boys themselves, Fairfax & Favor has grown exponentially in the months and years since that initial sale.

The decision to focus on ladies footwear at the outset may have raised a few eyebrows given the brand’s male ownership, but the boys’ hunch that stylish rural ladies were not well catered for when it came to footwear has paid off. Their original Regina design, a pared back take on the classic Spanish boot, has since proved a stalwart of their collection.

Building on success

When asked if they always set out to create a luxury British country lifestyle brand, Marcus and Felix are clear that it’s the customer that drives the brand along its journey, and central to Fairfax & Favor’s development is the concept of affordable quality that works for both the town and country lifestyles. This focus on the customer even extends to their advertising, which regularly features the brand’s own customers, found through regular model searches. Clearly Fairfax & Favor’s customers are a good looking bunch!

All Fairfax & Favor’s products are proudly designed in the UK, but, with a general focus on leather and suede products, the place of production was always going to centre around Spain and Portugal - both countries with a proud, centuries-long heritage of manufacturing in these materials. This season, for the first time, the brand have branched out into deliciously decadent, and very on-trend, velvet for their Electra boot, and we hope this is the start of other exciting forays into different materials.

With a close eye to such current trends, as well as a commitment to classic staples, Fairfax & Favor aim to continue their focus on men’s and women’s footwear and accessories for now, though haven’t ruled out a branded jacket in the future, which we predict would be an instant sell-out.

Exciting new launches for this season

Electra boots

As we’ve seen, the Electra boots represent a significant departure from the staple designs in Fairfax & Favor’s ladies collection, being the first design to move away from the suede/leather combination that has worked so well in the brand’s core collection. Tapping into this season’s obsession with velvet, Marcus and Felix have created the ideal day-to-night boot with the Electra, which is available in sumptuous deep royal blue and burgundy shades perfect for those festive parties, as well as a useful black for those after a more subtle look.

Foxley clutch bag

Carrying on our day-into-night theme is the seriously stylish Foxley clutch bag. Every girl needs that clutch bag that can work all day and has room for the essentials, and we think Fairfax & Favor have nailed it with this stunning clutch in leather and suede. The clever design mixes a sleek and elegant look with the practicality of a detachable wrist strap and internal suede-lined pockets, and the option of navy as well as black is great for those of us who have a navy-blue obsession.

Kensington boots

Another brand new design for this season from Fairfax & Favor, these gorgeous classic Kensington ankle boots are real favourites here at The Finer Horse. The boots create an elegant look with a twist, as the subtle leather strap and buckle design around the ankle represents a modern approach to the more traditional ankle boot design. Available in tan, chocolate and black, the Kensington boot is a truly versatile design that wouldn’t look out of place in any situation, from the important meeting in the city to that equally important date at the bar.

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