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“from mucking out to going out”

Today we’re taking a look at one of the most successful equestrian and country jewellery companies in the UK, Hiho Silver. The brand has such a variety of eye catching designs, there really is something for everyone, and with brand ambassadors such as that rising star of eventing Emily King, the focus on creating stylish but truly wearable pieces is key. Hiho Silver’s ethos is “from mucking out to going out” and as lovers of the country lifestyle, we wanted to go behind the scenes and delve into the world of this exciting brand.

What is the day to day inspiration behind the designs?

The various members of the Hiho Silver team have different interests, and it is these passions that drive the different designs and collections, from the equestrian to the shooting. Emma, the shooting aficionado and self-styled ‘Queen Bee’ of the company as their Managing Director, uses the example of their best-selling cherry roller bit bangle to illustrate the point.

Following a general discussion about the creation of Hiho’s own ‘signature’ snaffle-style based on another team member’s passion for horses, samples in different metals were created. These different samples were then rigorously tested, and design amendments made as a result of this extensive process to ensure the design met the original inspiration but would also stand up to daily wear.

Even when a successful design has been created and is selling like hot cakes in Hiho’s shops and at their trade stands, the team doesn’t stand still. Using the cherry roller bangle again as an example, the team sought to make their standard design extra special with the option to include a bit of sparkle. Their ‘CZ Roller Bead collection’ comprises a series of differently coloured gem-encrusted beads that can be inserted into one of their standard cherry roller bangles at one of Hiho’s shops or trade stands, to make a bangle unique to its owner.

Where are the pieces made?

While all the designs are created and finalised in the UK, as well as some customisation of finished pieces (such as the cherry roller bangle CZ`bead customisation mentioned above), the majority of Hiho’s pieces are created by artisan silversmiths in Mexico. Many of these craftsmen have been working with Hiho to create their designs for many years, and have come to understand what makes a piece of Hiho jewellery unique.

These expert craftsmen combine beauty with practicality, and know to make the pieces with a certain ‘weight’ to satisfy the brand's ethos of ensuring the jewellery can be enjoyed for years. Another element to Hiho’s decision to use artisan jewellery-makers from around the world is the desire to create pieces that can be appreciated by those with a range of budgets, though the brand are keen to stress that every piece is individually checked at their British headquarters before it is sold to their loyal customers.

What’s coming up for Hiho?

Although the brand are understandably keen to keep their exciting new products under wraps for now, we did manage to discover that we can look forward to further expansion of the signature cherry roller bangle range, as well as the Foxtail collection, where more CZ Roller Beads and charms will be available.

The Spinner Ring Collection, which has proved to be a big hit this year, is also being expanded, and Hiho are planning to create more pieces in solid gold for those who are after some serious glamour.

What are our favourite pieces?

Although best known for the designs mentioned above, Hiho also has an exciting wider range of very wearable jewellery with something for everyone, from the country-based equestrian to the city-living fashionista. Here are our top picks from Hiho’s current collection.

Riding Whip Bangle

It’s difficult to create a bracelet design featuring something with sharp edges like a traditional hunting whip into a truly wearable piece of jewellery. However, Hiho have cracked it with this gorgeous design, available in a variety of different metals and finishes. As with all Hiho’s designs, this delicate-looking yet sturdy bangle is specially designed to be able to be worn both on the yard and to a smart occasion, and we doubt we’d ever take this off!

Sterling silver textured Scotty dog necklace

For animal lovers after something a little bit different, we couldn’t think of anything better than this adorable Scotty Dog (or Aberdeen Terrier, for the dog breed experts out there) pendant. Made of sterling silver, this versatile piece goes with everything, and could easily be worn as part of a set of necklaces for that layered effect, as well as drawing the eye all on its own.

Sterling silver pheasant studs

These stunning and unusual stud earrings depicting pheasants in flight are our final pick from the collection. The pheasants seem almost phoenix-like as they majestically fly across the ear, and are perfect for lovers of British animal life as well as for those who enjoy the noble sport of shooting in the colder months.

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