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Disappointed by the style, quality and choice of products available for the equestrian and country life? So were Glaze & Gordon, a British family-run firm set up by Becs and Kate Glaze. Showcasing products that are “the best of the best” in their area, often created by family firms or groups of artisans, Glaze & Gordon aim to bring us superb quality, durable and stylish products for all our horse and lifestyle needs.

Behind the scenes…

Having grown up on the family farm, horses have always been part of Becs and Kate’s lives. One of the key reasons the sisters decided to set up Glaze & Gordon was a result of the struggle to find the quality and style of equestrian tack that they wanted. They often found that expensive equipment would break soon after purchase, with one bridle breaking to reveal sand from the interior padding (!), and felt there must be better options available.

Extensive travel by Glaze & Gordon’s co-founder Becs, as well as an 8 year spell living and running her own company in America, has enabled her to unearth some real gems in the global search for truly excellent equestrian and lifestyle brands. Upon her return to the UK, Becs wanted to combine her business experience with her new-found knowledge of these superb equestrian and country lifestyle products, and Glaze & Gordon now focuses on bringing her finds to all of us in the UK who share the same love of quality.

Glaze & Gordon is a real family affair, with both the Glaze and Gordon sides of the family bringing a great deal of entrepreneurial experience to the table as well as fulfilling the role of guinea pigs for testing out the clothing and lifestyle products. As Becs says “if an idea or product doesn’t pass the Glaze & Gordon family test, it doesn’t happen.” In addition, Becs’ husband Steve gets roped in to provide financial and other business support and even the family’s horses and dogs get involved, providing both the inspiration for and testing of new products.

While Glaze & Gordon are always keen to showcase British-made products, and have a strong preference for working with British companies that share the Glaze & Gordon ethos of promoting quality, style and durability, there are occasions where the best quality comes from makers outside the UK. Wherever the source however, each brand and product is hand-picked, and a key consideration for Glaze & Gordon is the story behind each supplier of the products stocked. Sourcing products from authentically artisan or small-scale manufacturers that each have their own interesting story to tell is something Becs describes as being crucial to deciding which products to supply under the Glaze & Gordon banner.

So what do Glaze & Gordon currently offer us discerning equestrians and lovers of country living?

Alongside an extensive range of saddlery, grooming and general horsecare products, Glaze and Gordon offers a range of exciting (and very tempting) products for both us and our homes.

With ranges of clothing and accessories, including such British favourites as Sporting Hares, for both men and women, as well as some lovely essentials for the dogs in our lives, Glaze and Gordon have got our wardrobe needs sorted for the ‘varied’ British weather. We’re even covered for those lazy evenings by the fire, with a range of charming kitchenware and snuggly throws to keep us in full-on hibernation mode after sundown.

So what's next for the brand?

Although, as we’ve seen, Glaze & Gordon already offers an extensive range of products, there are plans afoot to expand the offering still further this year. Clothing in particular will see a large increase, with more choice and even a children’s range planned, and our furry friends will also benefit from an expansion in the range of top-quality leatherwork that Becs and Kate are planning across all the product ranges.

What are our picks from the current collection?

Wooster canvas & leather travel bag

We’re always on the lookout for a quality bag that looks elegant and stylish, but that is big enough to carry our essentials, and this Wooster bag, handmade by a hugely experienced family of Argentinian leatherworkers fits the bill to perfection. Ideal for a wider variety of occasions, from the spur of the moment weekend getaway to carrying your polo kit for those chukkas in the summer sunshine, this classic bag definitely deserves a look.

Pravins Sellier - Stirrup leathers

How many times have you wasted precious seconds trying to get back a lost stirrup as the leather twists and turns beneath you? Let that be a thing of the past with these beautiful stirrup leathers by French saddlers Pravins. Suitable for a variety of disciplines from dressage to polo and with a wider profile than the traditional stirrup leather, these pre-stretched leathers are specially designed to improve both rider comfort and lower leg stability, and enable closer contact with the horse.

Sommer Grooming brushes

Give both you and your horse a daily treat with these gorgeous grooming brushes from German saddle-maker Sommer. Combining quality, beauty and practicality, these brushes have been ergonomically designed to fit the groomer’s hand as well as being more comfortable for the horse, and will encourage both you and your horse to enjoy and bond over the grooming process – essential for the busy competition season coming up!

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