A day with the clays

“seriously social shooting events”

With the shooting season over until August and with an ever growing demand for ways to enjoy clay pigeon shooting, there are plenty of ladies wanting to shoot. However, unless you already have a group of like-minded shooting enthusiasts to join in with, the prospect of going it alone is neither appealing nor purse-friendly.

This is where the ladies shooting club scene steps in. There are several different clubs around, mainly dependant on where you live and what you want to shoot, but a day at E.J Churchill with The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club (SGCBC, soon to be the Ladies Shooting Club) called our name the loudest last week, and here is what happened…

Around 50 of us from all over the South East descended on E.J. Churchill’s famous shooting ground near High Wycombe despite the freezing snow and sleet for what promised to be an enjoyable combination of shooting, cake and conversation. While we were initially a little reluctant to leave the roaring fire of the clubhouse and head out into the cold, the shooting course that had been organised for us was well worth it.

Set into groups based on experience level, we set out for our first obstacle, in our case a tricky one designed to emulate a rabbit. A combination of inexperience, contending with safety glasses that refused to stay fog-free and learning the E.J. Churchill/Holland & Holland technique (a complicated method involving letting the clay run past the gun before overtaking it again to take the shot) put paid to any hopes of a high score here!

Moving on to the second and third simulations, we started to get our eye in, but alas our scores as a group remained low – it must have been the glasses… The cold was definitely nipping at fingers and toes by this stage and we were all very glad to be in our warmest layers as we headed on to the final three scenarios – ironically the easiest three of our course! In a nice end to our time with the clays, our scores all rose considerably over these three simulations, which included driven birds and ducks, and it was with broad smiles on our faces that we headed back into the warmth of the clubhouse for the ‘Chelsea Bun’ part of the day.

A feature that makes SGCBC stand out from other ladies’ shooting clubs, the winning combination of delicious cake and delightful conversation by the fire was the perfect end to the SGCBC event. With a variety of backgrounds present among our fellow shooters, having the opportunity to socialise while we consumed our bodyweight in cake was lovely, and we can see how so many friendships have been formed among regular attendees of SGCBC events.

As we headed back into to the snow, we vowed we’d be back for another SGCBC event.

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