A silken spring for Evemy & Evemy

If you've been following The Finer Horse for a while, you'll know we've been fans of the luxury British clothing brand Evemy & Evemy for some time (read our piece all about this fabulous brand here).

When we heard that new pieces were being launched therefore, we got straight in touch with Evemy & Evemy's lovely founder Sophie to find out more, as well as taking the opportunity to go behind the scenes to find out more about life behind the logo.

What are the inspirations behind the new collection?

Sophie cites the British countryside as a major inspiration behind Evemy & Evemy's designs, though the muted palette and pared-back look of the pieces in the collection give us a unique take on the familiar landscape. Country pursuits are also a theme, meaning that the beautiful illustrations have a subtle sense of movement that is shown off to the fullest as the items are worn.

What can we expect to see in the coming months?

Luckily, Sophie is planning to launch more gorgeous scarves (unsurprisingly, being habitual scarf hoarders, these are our favourite pieces across the Evemy & Evemy collections so far). Versatility is also a watch-word of the new releases, as the idea of creating multi-functional items (for example the new Pluma design can be worn either as a scarf or as an elegant shawl) is something that is important to Sophie.

There are also some exciting new products to be launched in the autumn, but unfortunately we were unable to prise any more information out of Sophie on these, so we're going to have to be content with the newest scarf designs until then...

The entrepeneurial path...

As one of the incredibly inspiring female entrepeneurs we at The Finer Horse are lucky enough to work with, we were keen to ask Sophie about her business-owning journey.

Building on experience gained in the British fashion industry, Sophie launched Evemy & Evemy in late 2016 almost as soon as inspiration for the brand had struck. As mentioned in our previous feature on the brand, a love of British made luxury fashion, the inspirational British countryside and a desire to be her own boss combined to inspire Sophie to start creating products for us all to love from Evemy & Evemy.

Although we're sure there are moments of pressure, the rewards of having her own business far outweigh these for Sophie and she cites feedback from customers, and seeing how they style Evemy & Evemy's pieces, as being her favourite parts of having her own business.

So what does a typical day look like?

Being a morning person (and at this glorious time of year, who wouldn't be?) it's computer time for Sophie as she likes to 'hit the ground running' and deal with the admin and social media sides of business first thing. Heading out on a lunchtime walk in the surrounding beautiful Sussex countryside after all that screen time is an essential for both inspiration and a mental break.

After lunch Sophie puts her design hat on, spending the afternoon hours working on different design ideas and colour combinations via mood boards, as well as usually paying a visit to her mother, a talented artist in her own right and the designer behind Evemy & Evemy's beautiful scarves, to work through new design ideas. Using British suppliers pays dividends here too, as Sophie is easily able to fit in the occasional supplier meeting in among the hours of designing.

Moving from the paper designs to the real thing, which are our favourite pieces from the new collection?

(click on photo to take you straight to the relevant page of Evemy & Evemy's website)

Pluma shawl

There's no greater luxury in our view than being able to wrap yourself in silk, and the new shawl form of Evemy & Evemy's sell-out Pluma design enables us to do just that. We've featured this gorgeous design before and still absolutely love the versatile gamebird feather design. The muted palette works equally well for both town and country and the shawl design enables us to wear this gorgeous silk piece in so many different ways

Equus scarf

The more traditional rectangular scarf is the format for the brand new Equus design. Absolutely stunning, we fell in love with this at first sight, and it's easily one of the most stylish equestrian-themed pieces we've seen. As with the Pluma shawl, this design is proving hugely popular already (so get yours quick...) and again the muted colour palette works equally well in the countryside as it does a more urban environment.

With these items just a taste of what is to come from Evemy & Evemy in the coming months, it's fair to say we're pretty excited for what's next!


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