Who are The Finer Horse?

Where did it all begin?

Originally starting life in 2017 as a popular blog featuring the country and equestrian lifestyles, owner and founder Hannah King decided to expand The Finer Horse into a clothing brand for the modern country lifestyle after becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of fun yet functional clothing to wear to the country and equestrian events she attended.

With almost a decade of London living, and a career in financial marketing under her belt, Hannah made the decision to move back to the Essex village of her childhood and fulfil her dream of starting her own clothing line.

Who are we for?

Living both the town and country lifestyles for a number of years has had a definite impact on the designs of The Finer Horse. We pride ourselves on creating designs that work in both settings, as not everyone has the luxury of being able to have two wardrobes!

Having said that, we also aim to create clothes that can play an key part of a working country wardrobe, designed with traditional yet versatile British fabrics such as tweed and country checks sourced from British businesses.

From touches of lace on a classic shirt, to a stylish tweed skirt or a pretty floral sundress, we at The Finer Horse aim to provide modern country girls with flattering wardrobe staples that work seamlessly with other country essentials such as a loved pair of Fairfax & Favor boots or a trusty Barbour jacket.

Are our products made in Britain?


All our clothes are made in the Great British countryside, and we are committed to not only making our clothes in Britain, but sourcing all our materials - from the thread used to stitch each garment to the packing materials - from British businesses.

Not only is the quality of the raw materials superb, but by supporting British manufacturing and small businesses we are proudly playing our part in continuing our nation's long heritage in the clothing industry.

For example, all the tweed used in our collections is sourced either from the Isle of Harris or from traditional family-owned tweed mills in Yorkshire, which has the added bonus of also supporting the British wool industry.

What is our environmental impact?

Those of us living and working in the countryside know the importance of looking after the environment, and we have built this into the very fundamentals of our brand.

A belief in 'quality over quantity' isn't just a practical reaction to a lack of storage (wardrobes just never seem big enough do they?). The environmental and human price of the low-cost, 'throwaway' fashion so popular in recent years seems too high to be a sustainable, or ethical, way to shop in our eyes.

As we've already mentioned, all the fabric, lace, buttons, packaging etc. is sourced in Britain, ensuring fewer air miles in the garment's journey to you. Not only this, but almost everything can be recycled.

Any fabric offcuts are sent to textile recyclers, and all the packaging used to deliver your order can be put in your local recycling collection.

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